Almond Breeze Usage Ideas

Blue Diamond® Almond Breeze® is a rich and creamy non-dairy milk alternative, made from almonds. Perfect for cooking, just use cup for cup when substituting for most recipes that call for milk. Almond Breeze® can be used on cereals and in hot drinks, in baking or cooking, or simply as a tall glass of chilled refreshment.

Photo of spoonful of cereal in Almond Breeze.

Tips for Adding Almond Breeze to Your Daily Diet


  • Pour over hot or cold cereal
  • Replace milk with Almond Breeze in pancakes and muffins
  • Make a breakfast smoothie with fresh fruit and ice or frozen fruit
  • Substitute Almond Breeze for milk in omelets

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Lunch and Dinner

  • Serve as a frosty refreshment with your sandwich
  • Make a rich & creamy dressing for salads
  • Substitute it for milk in bread or rice pudding recipes
  • Use it in place of cream in a stroganoff recipe
  • Create cream sauces for chicken, fish or pasta

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  • Whirl it with fruit and ice in a blender and layer with fruit in a parfait dish
  • Put a cup of Almond Breeze Chocolate in the microwave for an out-of-this-world hot cocoa

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